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The Burrata

“Truly a feast for the senses.”

Burrata is highly balanced in flavor, with subtle blending of contrasting textures working together to produce a visually enthralling landscape of delights.

What Is Burrata?

Burrata (Italian pronunciation: [burrata]) is an Italian cheese made from mozzarella and cream derived from cow milk (sometimes buffalo milk).

"Adding balsamic vinegar to burrata or mozzarella is murder. Italy doesn’t exist. The best is extra virgin olive oil."

The outer casing is entirely composed of solid mozzarella paste, while the interior is composed entirely of stracciatella and cream, lending it a very delicate texture. It is characteristic of Apulia.

History Of The Apulian Burrata

Burrata is a specialty of Murgia, a region in southern Italy. It is made with cream, rennet, and cow's milk. The Bianchini brothers (Lorenzo and Vincenzo) of Andria, Murgia, began making Burrata around 1900, on their farm in Andria. The more recent records show that it was Lorenzo Bianchini -from the Piana Padura farm.-who invented this product in 1956.

The fact is, the creative cheesemaker would have developed this demanding cheese during a big snowfall that trapped him inside the farm. And, whenever it comes to agriculture, allowing milk to go sour was not an option. Bianchino would immediately set to work, collecting the cream that had naturally separated on the milk. Like the method for preserving butter, he would case the mozzarella with the dough to preserve the fresh product. He then placed other remnants of spun paste inside the wrapper in addition to the cream. The rest is a success story, and as a result, burrata has become an important ingredient in the already rich cart of Apulian cuisine and earned the chefs' attention.

Burrata di Andria has officially designated as a PGI (Protected geographical indication) product in November 2016. To produce the original "Burrata di Andria" (PGI), all operations from raw material processing to completed product manufacture must occur within the designated geographic region of Apulia.

How Burrata Is Made

Fresh Burrata is woven and molded by hand, and artisans achieve the ideal texture solely via touch and experience. The production process is divided into the following different phases:

  • Large vats are filled and heated with pasteurized or raw milk, using nothing except rennet to curdle the milk slowly.

  • The curds are then placed into boiling whey or in slightly warm salted water and combined into a flexible consistency.

  • Workers delicately weave and tug the curd using their hands and flexibility, achieving a spun consistency similar to stretched curd cheese.

  • After the required texture is achieved, it is shaped into a soft pouch and stuffed with torn mozzarella and cream strings before being knitted tight at the top.

Burrata's finest flavor is obtained while young and fresh, so consume it no later than the day it is prepared. Waiting to eat it beyond the first day could change the flavor and texture. No aging or maturing is required to produce Burrata; it is made and consumed fresh. The cheese is all-natural, gluten-free, and free of additives, preservatives, and artificial ingredients.

The Best Way To Consume The Apulian Burrata

Our friends from Apulia will readily agree that the ideal reply is: JUST AS IT IS. This is because, when tasted alone, it is already a perfect cheese. To honor its Mediterranean traditions, we might drizzle it with extra virgin olive oil and serve it alongside tomatoes or in salads.

Nevertheless, it is a product that captivates the heart even in the kitchen. The culinary repertoire has been enhanced by numerous recipes featuring Apulian burrata, in which our stringy cheese is utilized to provide a distinctive flavor and delicacy. Indeed, it can be used to enhance the flavor of risotto or to produce delectable pasta sauces.

Variations Of Burrata

Among the most notable is the smoked burrata, which is cooked in the same way as the basic burrata but then lightly smoked to create a delectable variety ideal for aperitifs and feasts featuring regional foods.

Buffalo burrata is another variation of the more traditional burrata. This fresh cheese is created with the purest buffalo milk and processed according to tradition, always with care and exclusively by hand, to achieve a distinctive flavor.

The burratine is a tiny form of the burrata. They, too, are entirely handmade and prepared according to a traditional recipe.

Order our fresh Italian burrata caprese online served with extra virgin olive oil and Parma n' Burrata from casa pasta. And enjoy the true feast of senses!


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