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One Word: Octopus

I learned how to cook spaghetti with octopus before to learn how to tie my shoes”

My father, my uncles, and I were freed divers, and each time we used to bring back huge octopuses just for spaghetti :)

My favorite is with tomato and spaghetti.:)

Octopus ⎯ tender and buttery-soft ⎯ is a delicious foodstuff that can be found in various Mediterranean dishes. It is a delightful addition to salads and pasta when prepared properly with a few simple steps and dedication. It is a flavorful appetizer when grilled with lemon.

What Is Octopus?

Octopus is a saltwater mollusk that possesses the general body form of an oval, bulbous object, round eyes, and eight tentacles. They are found in every ocean on Earth but are most prevalent in tropical, warm water. Like their cousin the squid, Octopus is commonly dubbed "monster of the deep," apart from the reality that some species or types live in comparatively shallow waters.

The majority of octopuses live on the ocean floor, but some species have been documented as pelagic, meaning they reside on the waters' surface. Other octopus species are found in deep, dark water, which they leave only at dawn and dusk to hunt for food. Many different kinds of edible crustaceans (shrimp, crabs, and lobsters) are on their menu, but larger prey, such as sharks, are a common food source for some. Octopuses use suction from their arms to suck their prey into their mouths.

The octopus' famous backward swim is achieved by blasting water using a muscular tube found on its body renowned as a siphon. Octopuses, like most invertebrates, crawl on the ocean floor looking for food using their arms tucked into openings in the floor.

Is Octopus Nutritious?

Octopus is rich in protein, vitamin B12, iron, selenium, copper, and vitamin B6 but also high in sodium.

Octopus as a Food

The flavor is one-of-a-kind, with a faint sea flavor and a tinge of sweetness. The mouthfeel is quite distinctive. The skin is delicately pebbly, the flesh is smooth and firm, and the suckers add an entirely new dimension to the experience.

Preparing octopus is always a challenge, not because it's hard, but because there's so much contradictory information about how to do it right. Octopus is a delectable dish when cooked properly, but a disaster when served chewy and rubbery. It requires some time investment to truly shine.

It should have a firm texture and pleasant chewiness but without a rubbery mouthfeel!

Octopus is readily available in Asian markets and seafood categories of upscale supermarkets. The Spanish word for Octopus is "pulpo," and it's sometimes found in Latin American markets. It's known as "tako" in Japanese. You can buy Octopus raw or whole, or you can purchase live Octopus, too. Additionally, it is available boiled, parceled, and shrink-wrapped. You can also purchase it dried or frozen. It's also accessible online from Catalina Offshore Products.

Spaghetti with octopus sauce

The first fish easy to prepare classic Italian recipes are spaghetti with octopus sauce. Spaghetti, small fresh octopus, and red tomatoes are the three primary ingredients in this recipe. Finally, chopped fresh parsley balances out the flavor of this seafood dish, which is ideal for a summer dinner with friends. A must-try recipe!


  • 320 g of spaghetti

  • 1 kg of small octopuses

  • 4 tablespoons of oil

  • 200 g of tomatoes

  • 2 cloves of garlic

  • parsley

  • salt

  • pepper


  1. Clean the octopuses, wash them, and place them in a crockpot without draining them too much.

  2. Place on the stovetop without seasoning, and when the water is dried, add four tablespoons of oil and the garlic, which should be removed as soon as it turns yellow. Season with salt and pepper and toss in the chopped tomatoes.

  3. Cook for 20 minutes. Boil the spaghetti, then toss it with the sauce and finely chopped parsley. On a serving dish, assemble the spaghetti with the octopus sauce. Enjoy!

Order my spaghetti octopus online from Casa Pasta in Hong Kong.


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